Here’s something that might be interesting for a few of you, but here we have three songs used in the Unreal Engine technology demonstration from GDC 2002 and one additional song that wasn’t used in the demonstration.

These songs were packaged with Star Wars Republic Commando, among some other things which we’ll discuss at some other stage in the future.

For those that don’t know what Unreal Warfare is, Unreal Warfare is what eventually became the Gears of War you know today. It was also often used as the name to describe the second iteration of Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, as it initially served as the driving force for many of Epic’s innovations at the time, and before Epic Games had dubbed their new technology as “Unreal Engine 2”.

It’s hard to know exactly when development began on the game, but it’s apparent that the game was in development from as far back as 2001 and didn’t cease to exist as Unreal Warfare until 2004, when Epic Games moved the project to the then in-development Unreal Engine 3 and recycled assets from the game for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Many of the key concepts, such as the Cog and Locust (known at the time as the Geist), the iconography and elements of the universe, were well established very early in the game’s development.

That being said, the game changed dramatically in-terms of gameplay during its development cycle, having originally been intended to be a tactical class-based first-person shooter before then becoming the over-the-shoulder experience when making the move to Unreal Engine 3.

I don’t currently have an article available here on the website regarding the game but it is something I would love to do at some stage. I’m sure a quick Google search should pop up some results.

If you’re interested in downloading the tracks then I’ve made them available here.