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  • A look at our data storage methods

    Hey there, Daniel here. Among other things, I help out with some of the sysadmin type stuff around here.

    This article is a bit different to what we usually post - its a behind-the-scenes look at how we handle our data storage needs, ensuring our collection is backed up and nothing is ever lost or corrupted.

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  • Here's to another great year of preservation! And a little surprise...

    It’s been an absolutely incredible year when it comes to preservation.

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  • A whole new world, and uh, faster wheels too

    Hi everyone, we’ve migrated the website to a new host and away from WordPress, which will hopefully result in a significantly speedier site!

    Additionally, if you’ve not noticed already, the old file archive is no more and now directs to our new Data Dungeon website.

    We’ve spent a lot of time ensuring that redirects are available for everything but can’t make an absolutely 100% guarantee that some links won’t be broken, and in such a case do let us know, and we’ll examine why or what happened, and see if it can be resolved.

    This is something that we had been planning to do for a long time now. The Data Dungeon was the first step towards that, and now we’ve finally finished that process—and can get back to writing new articles, hopefully a little more consistently.

  • The Data Dungeon is here!

    It goes without saying that the archive we’ve provided here for some time now doesn’t really do much in the way of context or any other information for that matter, which has always bothered me. It’s more of a file dump than an archive. And what’s also bothered me is that, besides the Internet Archive, there are few sites that aim to provide a curated catalogue of data.

    This is something I deeply wanted to change and something we’ve started working on.

    So, today, after some delay, I’m happy to finally unveil the future of our archive in the form of The Data Dungeon! It’s faster, we can update it more frequently, and we have our own in-house indexing tool for generating the whole thing.

    This is of course a first step for the new archive, and right now it’s very raw, but this will change over the coming weeks (and months) as we provide our indexing tool with more metadata and make further improvements.

    If you’ve got any feedback for us too, we now have a GitHub repository open for tickets and, of course, our Discord.

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  • Dumping to

    There hasn’t been any formal announcement yet but we have a new archive site in the works over here. The archive available via the new site is with a significantly faster provider which will allow me to keep it updated more often and also allow you guys to have faster download speeds.

    That said, there’s nothing yet on the new archive (besides some random Final Fantasy XV bits which were thrown up as a test) as I’ve been wrestling with myself to get on with indexing our offline archive, so we can get significantly more up than we had before.

    Anyway, I digress, the whole reason for mentioning the above is a rather poor explanation as to why I’ve not been uploading to our current archive so much as of late, and instead I’ve been dumping software onto

    Below are a couple of discs I’ve recently dumped that may be of interest to _someone _out there. Some of these aren’t particularly rare but weren’t yet on so I’ve seen to it they’re now available for anyone to download.

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