• The Rise and Fall of Dragon Empires

    Before I begin I’ve got something to get off my chest. This article has been something I’ve worked on and off for a while now, and something that was on my list for even longer. Unfortunately this is nowhere near the quality I originally set out to achieve and for that I’m sorry to those that might be expecting more - I aim to do better in future!

    Additional disclaimer! The font used in the banner is the closest thing I could find to the font used in Dragon Empires’ logo however it’s unfortunately not 1:1, but pretty damn close.

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  • More Unreal Warfare Music!

    Today, several more tracks that were intended for Unreal Warfare have been uploaded to the archive and onto the YouTube channel.

    You can view the videos on YouTube here and download the music yourself here.


  • The Story behind Hybrid

    Before I begin, I need to apologise. I’ve been sitting on this one for quite sometime and should have really kicked this out a little sooner. So a year later, here it finally is!

    Keeping to my tradition of pursuing the lesser known spectrum of games and documenting their history, a while ago I came across a particular game called Hybrid, a first-person shooter developed for the Sony PlayStation by MotiveTime Ltd.

    If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s very likely due to it’s limited publicity and release, having only seen a release in both Japan and the United Kingdom.

    After getting in touch with Jason McFee, the developer responsible for the artwork featured in the game, I was surprised to hear about the troubled development of the game. He provided his in-depth account of the game’s development that I’ve provided below.

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  • Sentient Textures

    I very recently extracted most of the textures used for the game Sentient. The game uses a pretty simple package format and most of the other formats therein are also pretty simple.


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  • MDK2 2214 Development Build

    Today I’m happy to share a development build of MDK2 for the Sega Dreamcast, dated 30th of November, 1999.

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